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  • SuperNOW/Premium Money Market Accounts
  • Demand Deposit Account - DDA
  • Money Market Account - MMA

Minimum opening balance - SuperNOW/Premium Money Market:  $50,000, interest rate set daily
Minimum balance - DDA:   $5,000 (individual)/$10,000 (corporate), no interest
Minimum balance - MMA:  $20,000, to earn interest

The DDA does not earn interest. It functions as a transaction account. All balances above $5,000 (individual) or $10,000 (corporate) are automatically transferred to the Money Market Account (MMA). The MMA account begins to pay interest at $20,000, and has daily liquidity.  By law the MMA has a maximum limit of six (6) withdrawals per month. Customers with an average demand deposit plus money market account of less than $250,000 will be charged a monthly fee of $100.00. A Super Negotiable Order of Withdrawal account, or SuperNOW account, may only be owned by individuals and certain nonprofit organizations and is not subject to a limit on the number of monthly withdrawals. A Premium Money Market Account is available to individuals and corporations and is subject to the six (6) withdrawals per month limit.

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