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Variable Income

Structured Products

Minimum Investment: $50,000.00

The first type of structure has the principal linked to the credit risk of a bond/note selected by the client and the upside return determined by the variation of an index or determined share.

Each structure might have its own characteristics, but the main ones are:

  • The client will be able to protect from 90% to 100% of his/her principal 
  • The yield of the structure might have limitations like: 
    • "Knockout" with "rebate": if the valuation of the chosen index/share reaches the amount equal or above x% ("knockout") during the life of the structure its return will revert to a fixed income ("rebate") at maturity
    • "Cap": the upside valuation of the chosen index/share has a cap of x%
    • "Double knockout" with "rebate": it is identical to the first one with the difference that the client receives the return of the chosen index/share fluctuates positively or negatively, until it reaches an amount equal to or above/below x% ("knockout")

Independently of the chosen type of income, if the valuation of the index/share is zero or less, the client will receive the protected principal back (90% to 100%).

The second type of structure denominated "Equity Linked Notes" offers an alternative to buying stocks. The investor receives a fixed income if the stock does not lose value in relation to the initial price. Moreover, it also offers some protection if the stock loses value until the lower limit. In case of the stock value passes this lower limit, the investor will receive the actual stock.

Third Party Products

  • Equities
  • Options  
  • Third Party Mutual Funds


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